Saturday, August 08, 2020

Lidel Band - Adon Olam - Debut Music Video

Get ready for the new sound in Jewish music. Presenting: The all NEW Lidel/ לידל Band. In their debut introduction to the world, they perform alongside their lead singer, Ushy Hollender, the classic Adon Olam. This song is steeped in Jewish music history with many performances over the years.

However, this performance is very unique in both the singer and band. You see, the Lidel/ לידל Band is NOT a wedding band. They are more of a private event, Sheva Brochos, Bar Mitzvah band.

They are an intimate group of talented musicians that for once, aren’t all about the loud music. It’s all about a smooth sound with a professional vibe and classy feel to it. Yes, as you can see there is more than one guitar, but you also have a drummer, flute and bass guitar. Everyone in the group sings backup as well as harmony, so Ushy’s vocals are getting a full accompaniment.

For your next event think class, think style, think harmony. Think Lidel/ לידל Band.

To book Lidel Band today please call: 718-687-8704

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