Thursday, August 06, 2020

Catskills Hatzalah - No Boundaries and No Limitations

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My child fell into the pool.

A terrible accident on the freeway.

My neighbor is not responding.

Hatzalah! Hatzalah!

The cry, although chilling, has a reassuring ring to it. We rely on Catskills Hatzalah at a subconscious level, and as soon as we hear Hatzalah rushing to a call, we breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the patient is in the best possible hands.

Anyone who knows a Catskills Hatzalah volunteer knows why they are synonymous with rushing. With unparalleled selflessness, they drop whatever they are doing, leave whatever event they are attending, and rush to the scene where they quickly get to work saving lives. A Hatzalah volunteer knows no boundaries and no limitations; if there is a chance of saving a life, they are already on the way.

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