Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Doctor Who Went to War for YOU

Dr. Zev ben Leah Zelenko has been in the news since March. You saw his picture, watched his videos and read about his relentless war on the Covid-19 virus.

It was a relentless war but not one easily fought. Dr. Zelenko faced a lot of opposition in his fight to save lives. But he never second-guessed his decision to move forward, forging on with much courage and bravery. After all, saving lives and helping people has always been his priority.

Dr. Zelenko left his comfort zone to help you, to help us and to help the wider community. In fact, he wanted to help an entire world taken hostage by a mystery pandemic.

There are many people who survived Covid-19 due to Dr. Zelenko’s protocol which became world renowned, despite political opposition.

It is time for payback.

Donate Now

You now have the opportunity to repay the selfless doctor for his immense effort and courage. Doctor Zelenko is now fighting for his own life, being the victim of a very rare and complicated recurring cancer. He is scheduled for a very intricate and complex surgery TODAY, which will surely with Hashem’s help put him on the long road to recovery.

However, the lengthy recovery will prevent him from returning to work for a few months and possibly much longer.

Dr. Zelenko, ZEV ben LEAH needs our tefillos urgently. This is something everyone can and should do for him right now. Please don’t move on to the next piece of news or advertisement before offering a heartfelt prayer for Zev ben Leah. Together we can make a difference and achieve results beyond the realm of nature.

Doctor Zelenko courageously left his comfort zone and you can leave yours right now and daven for him. Daven on your own or form a tehillim group. We have to invest our hearts and souls and make a difference. We cannot forget about him now. We will daven together for a complete and speedy recovery for Zev ben Leah.

To help Dr. Zelenko’s family weather this crisis financially, please visit and make a generous donation.

Donate Now

Dr. Zev Zelenko appeals for help out of concern for his wife and children!

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