Monday, July 06, 2020

Shlomo Bochner of Bonei Olam Appeal to Klal Yisroel

Dear Friend,


Over the years, Bonei Olam have played an unbelievable role to the tune of 8,700 babies.

These are babies who turned couples into parents and gave grandparents additional nachas they weren’t sure they’d ever experience.

I want to explain to you what is going on right now and what this campaign is all about.

I have hundreds of couples waiting for help, and that help is contingent on us raising the necessary funds.

As a result of recent global events, Bonei Olam is several months behind in funding and in desperate need of assistance. Hundreds of couples are waiting for help,

We desperately need your help now. Otherwise, our avodas hakodesh is unsustainable.

What am I to tell them? How can I tell them that we don’t have the monies to help them? How could I look these couples in the eye and say “no” when we’ve never said “no” before?

I sit here writing out of desperation as the burden on my shoulders grows by the day. I am pleading with Klal Yisroel, asking for your assistance so that I don’t have to start turning away couples dreaming of starting a family.

Open your hearts. Join me in making a difference. Help me make sure that Bonei Olam can do what its always done and not chalilah have to turn anyone away.

In the zechus of partnering with Bonei Olam in bringing Yiddishe kinder into the world, may you and your families be zocheh to an abundance of bracha, hatzlacha and nachas always.

From the total goal of $5 million, I have personally accepted upon myself the responsibility to raise $1 million. Please, donate to my page and help us continue our holy work.

Shlomo Bochner

A Day in the life of Rabbi Shlomo Bochner

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