Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Umipnei - Benzion Klatzko and Family - Music Video

The days between Shavuos and The Three Weeks are an interesting time. The joy is over and the mourning has not begun yet. What is our mission during this time period?

Rabbi Benzion Klatzko explains that the spiritual heights and longings that we experienced over Shavuos are meant to energize us to bring the geulah immediately! The mission is, through our Torah learning, to transform the three weeks from a time of sadness to a time of joy.

"Umipnei" was composed by Rabbi Klatzko as a prayer of longing for the Bais Hamikdash to be rebuilt. While these words are said during Shemona Esrei on Yom Tov, the longing that we have for Klal Yisrael to return to our home is to create a permanent state of joy and closeness to Hashem forever. While images speak louder than words, the combination of seeing Bais Hamikdash destroyed, and the next moment seeing the Jewish people returning to a rebuilt Yerushalayim, makes this song and video one of a kind!

Rabbi Klatzko sings this together with his three children, Gavriel (age 21), Azarya (age 16), and Luzy (age 12).

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