Sunday, June 07, 2020

Tzudik Greenwald - Adon Olam

Two years after releasing Hamavdil, a music video of Meir Martin Widerker’s Shabbos melodies, chazzan and baal tefillah Tzudik Greenwald joins forces again with the composer to create another single of Widerker’s latest piece Adon Olam.

While the musical soundtrack boasts a full-scale orchestra, producer Yoni Tzur chose to spotlight the wonders of creation that best illustrate the lyrics of this timeless song. To create this masterpiece, Tzur assembled a crew of winning photographers to collectively capture the beauty and essence of the song on film.

Complementing the vocal harmonies is Yisrael Bergman’s choir, along with Menachem Bristowsky, Gil Yisraelov and Moti Rotler.

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