Monday, June 01, 2020

Mordechai Shapiro - Hakol Mishamayim - Music Video

Here's another take of my song Hakol Mishamayim. My dear friends, we're living in uncertain times and I can say personally that this pandemic has been very challenging for me. We don't understand Hashem's ways, but we must never forget that although sometimes His plan ain’t so easy to see, He has a master plan for each and every one of us. Hakol Mishamayim!

Video by Shimmy Socol

Composed by Mordechai Shapiro
Hebrew Lyrics: Miriam Israeli
Concept & English Lyrics: Chayala Neuhaus

Produced by Daniel Kapler
Arrangement by Daniel Kapler & Ian Freitor
Recorded and mixed at PlayMaster Studio
Executive Producer Mordechai Shapiro

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