Friday, May 15, 2020

Support of the Zucker Family

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With heroism, generosity, and positivity, Raizel Zucker, beloved wife, mother, and daughter, fought a terrible illness. Month after month, as she suffered in merciless pain, Raizel would give you a bracha for happiness and joy. Even as her body broke down, her smile would complete your soul. Even as her physical condition weakened, Raizel’s spirit gave you so much strength.

As Raizel’s illness worsened and treatment intensified, the entire Zucker family was forced to move from Israel to the United States for medical care. Berel Zucker, Raizel’s husband, a successful singer in Israel, suddenly lost all of his income, his home and the life he had built for himself and his family.

One day after Lag b’Omer, Raizel returned her soul to her Maker. A beautiful family shattered. 8 children suddenly orphaned. A husband suddenly alone.

Now it’s OUR turn. As the Zucker family mourns, they need us to be the givers. To give strength, to give support, and to ease the financial burden during this tragic time.

Eight children need you. Eight children who lost their loving mother need your support to help them live and perpetuate their mother’s legacy.

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