Tuesday, May 12, 2020

In Meron - Moishe Eisenberg and Ahrele Samet

Meron Vibes: Exciting Debut Single Released by Moishe Eisenberg and Ahrele Samet.

Moishe Eisenberg has been working for years for this moment. A velvety voiced singer with a chassidishe bren, he has been singing at chasunas for years, after being among the elite singers of the Shira Choir, while moonlighting on other singers' albums.

Now, just in time for Lag Baomer, Eisenberg has released his debut single. Based on the holy Bais Aharon's short but powerful portrayal of Klal Yisroel's tight embrace of Rabi Shimon bar Yochai, the song's tempo transports you from your living room to the blue arched ancient structures of vintage Meron.

“Mi shemamin b'Rabi Shimon yesh lo chizuk b'Rabi Shimon”. Believe in the power and tap into the wellsprings. And then take. Drink it in. Rabi Shimon is for all of us. Wherever we are.

Adding to the energy, Eisenberg brought on singing sensation Ahrele Samet who has been singing in Meron for years, to make for a concentrated version of Lag Baomer in the Me'arah, which resembles Yom Kippur inside and Simchas Torah outside.

Close your eyes. Let the imagination flow. Forget about flattening the curve, shelter in place, face masks and coronas. You're in Meron now. You're one with Rabi Shimon. Mi sheyesh lo emunah b'Rabi Shimon yesh lo chizuk b'Rabi Shimon!

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