Sunday, May 24, 2020

Bear Cubs Chased out of Minivan

"While taking a short vacation in the Smokies to relax for a few days, my son-in-law glanced over his shoulder and saw four bears behind their deck and ran to tell us. We came out and watched them go up into the woods. The two bigger cubs circled back and went right to my van. We were taking pics of them when they opened my side door. I ran down the steps. They got out and I went around the back and pushed the back of the door, which made it nudge the bear who had his head and paws back in my van. He jumped down so I closed it quickly. Before I could get in and lock the doors, they opened it again. I hollered at them, closed, and locked the doors. Then they tried to get into my daughter's van, opening the front door before being scared away."

May 9, 2020 / Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

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