Monday, May 04, 2020

A Million for Hatzolah is a Million For You

Hatzolah! Hatzolah! Hatzolah!

I am having trouble breathing! Save me!
I still want to live!
My husband’s pulse is weak!
My elderly father is not responding!
My child is choking!
I am scared, I am afraid! The worst-case scenarios flash before my eyes!
I need Hatzolah, I need a medic. Save us!

Day and night.
Summer and winter
Rain or snow.
During Shabbos and Yom Tov.

In every situation and every circumstance, Hatzolah is there to take the call. Flu season or Coronavirus, nothing stops these angels of mercy. Every request for Hatzolah gets responded to with heart, warmth, and genuine concern.

However, now Hatzolah finds itself as the “patient.”

Your help will ensure our survival. You will enable us to continue taking every call and respond to every situation. Remember, to save even one life is like saving the world.

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