Friday, April 03, 2020

"The Place Where They Belong" Abie & Levine

"The Place Where They Belong" Based on the original Abie Rotenberg classic "The Place Where I Belong", today we find ourselves longing for "The Place Where We Belong".

Performed by: Abie Rotenberg & Baruch Levine
Composed by: Unknown
Lyrics by: Abie Rotenberg

Filmed by: Zoom, Sara Rotenberg, and Chanala Levine
Edited by: Mint media
Technical Assistance: Doni Gross DeG Studios
Concept by: R' Dov Keilson

"Chasal" by Pinny Ostreicher and Yoily Polatseck - In such unprecedented times, I couldn’t find a better time to share with you one of my compositions that I wrote 2 years ago which has never been released. The lyrics, describe our Passover Seder ceremony, which we finish off with a wishful prayer “for a complete redemption and a quick arrival to Jerusalem”. While being quarantined here in Hollywood FL, I grabbed my phone & tripod and recorded this song raw–in–one take. As I completed it, I felt that it’s missing a touch of harmony, and guess who came to the rescue?
No other then the master himself; Yoily Polatseck, a masterful artist and next level musical genius.  Yoily lives in Monsey, NY, and thanks to today’s technology, Yoily quickly recorded harmony, while filming with his phone, and I mashed it together on Adobe Premier. All done in a mere few hours.

"Nemouel covers "Refaeni" Composed by Yossi Green, originally recorded by Avraham Fried on this Shtar Taano'im album, released circa 1994.

Ishay Ribo, live steamed on Thursday, April 2.

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