Thursday, April 02, 2020

New Music During The Crises - Fried - Ribo - Lipa - More

Avraham Fried & Tzvi Silberstein| Aneinu. Composed by Yitzi Waldner.

Ishay Ribo - Keter Melukh

Lipa Schmeltzer - Heal Us - "There is no way I can write a proper description on this song of prayer when we can simply not fathom what each of us are going through now with COVID-19. Let us all Daven to the greatest Doctor of all, the רופא נאמן, to please Heal Us All." Composed and Lyrics by Lipa Schmeltzer. Music by Yhuda Galili. Musicians: Avi Avidani-Drums, Gia Kohen-Bass, Galili-Piano, Amit Yitzchok-Guitars, The Israeli Strings Ensemble.

Yoeli Klein & Shaya Gross - Imoi Onoichi BaTzuru. Composed by Pinky Weber. Arranged by Yitzi Berry and Eli Klein.

"Refah Nah" by Yonatan Shainfeld. Composed by Yonatan while in quarantine.

Sruly Green - Hashem Echod. Composed by Sruly Green. Concept inspired by Sruly Meyer⁣. Music by David Taub .

Hershy Rottenberg • I Can't Go In Shul | הערשי רוטנברג • איך קען נישט גיין אין שול

 Moshe Feld - Davka Hahshav

Raphael Ben - Lechu

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