Sunday, April 12, 2020

Moishy Schwartz - Dayenu - Single

It is precisely in times of crisis such as this that an uplifting song can carry us through the day. Just as a single candle casts its warm glow and brightens a pitch black room, so does a joyous melody lift us out of the doldrums of despair!

Composed by: Moishy Schwartz
Yiddish lyrics: Lipa Schmeltzer
Music produced: Ephraim Markowitz
Background vocals: Gershy & Moishy Schwartz
Mix and Master: Ephraim Markowitz
Lyric video: Moti Weiss
Photography: Moshe Grunfeld

This song is dedicated to our Hatzolah & Shomrim volunteers who serve on the front lines of this battle 24/7. Your selfless dedication is something beyond imaginable and we admire each one of you. You are true Heros!

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