Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Israel Police Salutes Elderly Holocaust Survivors

Israel Police on Tuesday held a special salute to the Holocaust survivor population and senior citizens living in nursing homes and sheltered housing throughout the State of Israel.

The elderly population is currently at the center of the fight against the coronavirus, and have long been isolated from their relatives and family members, and most of whom at this time feel the loneliness and distance from the community.

Around 10:00, dozens of police vehicles, police officers, and Border Police fighters stood in front of some 180 nursing homes and sheltered housing complexes across the country where the "elderly" population resides, and observed the two-minute memorial silence along with the tenants.

Before the siren sounded, the officers addressed a special message to the occupants in order to pay tribute to their contributions to the State of Israel and to encourage them.

The ceremony was extraordinarily exciting and deepened the sense of respect and mutual camaraderie between veteran citizens and the security forces protecting them.

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