Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Dovid Hill A”h - V’nafshi - Single

In 2012, our precious son Duvid z”l, passed away at the young of 14, after a long arduous battle with leukemia. He left this world with his gift of music; his 10 original compositions and his sweet melodic voice.

After working for so long to produce the cd, it is finally here. Just at the exact moment it was meant to be , as if it was divinely timed for this pandemic. For his song Nafshi is to give us words of comfort and solace, and his voice is entrancing.

As if an angel sent from heaven.

We’d like to share this song with you, in the hope that it will give us all strength to carry on in this difficult time.

Yonasan Hill

Composed And Sung By: Dovid Hill A”h

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