Sunday, April 12, 2020

Báld Báld - Sruly Altman - Shmiel Hersh Miller - Shira

Sruly Altman is a name that is well known as a singer full of energy, filling up a ballroom with much positivity and joy like no one ever did before. When Sruly teams up with talented Musician Shmiel Hersh Miller and The Shira Choir to bring you new music, you can be sure to experience a top notch musical performance!

"Báld" is a masterpiece that was not released too long ago, but took the world by storm! With much musicality, it contains beautiful chords with a very inspiring message. The song brings out how we are still waiting and yearn for our redemption. Just like a mother makes a promise to her child, and will not disappoint him, so too, Hashem promised to bring an end to our bitter Galus, and take us home, to Yerushalayim very soon! This song gives us that burst of hope and faith we so badly need!


Sung by: Sruly Altman.
Music Arranged & Conducted by: Shmiel Hersh Miller. 
Choir by: Shira Choir.
Choir Arranged & Conducted by: Yoely Horowitz.
Live Sound Engineer: Moishy Zukerman.
Lighting by: GW Lighting.
Live Video: Motty Engel - Engel Studios.
Video Edit: Ari Levy - Studio On Dot.
Audio Mix by: Hershy Pavel.
Post Production: Shlome Wechter, Leiby Fasten

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