Sunday, April 26, 2020

Ari Goldwag - Rak Hu & Yom Zeh - A Cappella Soul 7

Ari Goldwag presents a mash up of two songs off of his new album A Cappella Soul 7: Rak Hu and Yom Zeh (feat. Eitan Freilich). Also included is a preview of "Lech al Zeh (Live Your Dream)."

Song Credits:
All vocal arrangements by Ari Goldwag
Rak Hu composed by Ari Goldwag
Lyrics by Shachar Peled
Yom Zeh composed by Ari Goldwag
featuring Eitan Freilich

Video Credits:
Videography and editing by Goldwag Film Studios

Rak Hu is a song of yearning for Hashem to save us as we call out from the depths. Yom Zeh is a song describing the specialness of the Shabbos day and our great appreciating for the opportunities it brings us.

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