Sunday, March 08, 2020

Yisrael Adler and Neranena Choir Present: Tefillos

The melody touches the heartstrings and accompanies Yiddish words that
speak of the power of a father and mother’s prayer when they beseech on
their children’s behalf.

“Even if one is not worthy that Hashem shall listen to his prayer, if
he will pray and beseech on behalf of his sons and daughters that
they walk in the way of Hashem, Hashem will mercifully accept his

Voice and production: Yisrael Adler
Composed by: Hershy Weinberger
Musical production: Yossi Honig
Arrangement and orchestration: Yehuda Gelili
Choir: Neranena Choir
Voice arrangement: Hershel Brisk
Children’s choir: Shir V’shevach
Mix and mastering: Shai Sivan
Recorded at: Michoel Weinberger Studio

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