Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Yedid Nefesh - Pinny Schachter - Music Video

Composed and Produced by Rabbi Benzion Klatzko
Vocals and Instrumentation - Pinny Schachter
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Hillel Kapnick
Recorded @ Uptop Studios
Music Video Directed, Produced and Edited by Rabbi Klatzko

A beautiful new Yedid Nefesh for your Shabbat table!

Rabbi Benzion Klatzko composed this Yedid Nefesh as the ultimate love song to Hashem. Yedid, most beloved, comes from the words יד יד, "hand in hand" the ultimate expression of connection. The Klatzkos even named their second son Yedidya, which means "most beloved of G-D. " Of all of the Zmirot composed for Shabbat, Yedid Nefesh has had the Mazal of having the most beautiful tunes composed to its lyrics. Rabbi Klatzko hopes that this new melody will find favor in the eyes of Hasham and His holy nation.

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