Sunday, March 01, 2020

V’Yeidu - Achim Freund - Single

Just in time for Chodesh Adar, chap a tentzel with this energetic new single by Achim Freund!

From Chasunas & events to rebbishe simchas, and everything in between, Yitzchok & Yoely Freund, AKA “The Freund Brothers” are the duet that gets the crowd on their feet. With something new and exciting every time, they surely know how to take things up a notch and bring your event to the next level!

Achim Freund; because two is better than one!

V’Yeidu - is a truly uplifting chabad classic, masterfully produced and arranged by the talented Avrumi Berko with vocals recorded at MK Studios. You'll surely enjoy the quality and energy this song has to offer.

To book Achim Freund please call: (845) 459-5511

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