Sunday, March 15, 2020

The Chuppah – Eli Feinstein ft. Levy Falkowitz & Shira

When a new couple takes first steps into their new union, there’s a sense of anticipation in the air. From the eternal maternal worry to the proud paternal hope to the fervent family prayers—everyone in attendance is part of the life-shaping event as it unfolds.

And yet, a chuppah is a common occurrence. Every community member has partaken in a growing number of such moments. It does take a special something to make a chuppah even more touching and heartrending than it already is.

Witness one such special performance. This chuppah was a gift to Chosson, Kallah and attendees alike, as Eli Feinstein produced a rare event of breathtaking beauty with a full band and expanded string section.

Everyone’s favorite tenor, Levi Falkowitz, took the lead, weaving in and out of the harmonies layered on by Shira’s finest voices. If there was anything ordinary about this event, it was the expectation that such a lineup would deliver something extraordinary.

Music: Eli Feinstein Production
Vocals: Levy Falkowitz & Shira
Concept & Production: Mayer Blumenfeld
Arranged: Eli Feinstein & Avremi Gourarie
Choir Arranged & Conducted: Yoely Horowitz
Mixed & Mastered: Yaniv Balas
Live Sound: Moshe Zuckerman
Post Production: Yossi Honig
Video & Edit: Engel Studios

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