Sunday, March 15, 2020

Shmaya Fischer - Vehoiyu Hashem - Music Video

Shmaya Fischer is known as the rising chassidic star with a powerful one-of-a-kind voice and energy, performing at events and weddings across the globe.

Enjoy this brand new music video/track he created on superstar Nemouel Harroch's hit song V'hoyu.

Song Composed: Yaakov Menashe
Originally Recorded by: Nemouel Harroch
Lyrics By: Motty Iliowitz

Produced by: Mendy Hershkowitz @ Sonic Duo
Directed by: Aba Berkowitz
Music Production by: Shloimy Salzman @ Sonic Duo
Vocals and Choir Recorded at: Sonic Duo Recording Studios
Mix and Master by: Gershy Schwartz @ Sonic Duo

Concept and Production by: Leiby Lenerowitz @ Power-On Studios
Editing: Volvy Spitzer @ MK Studios

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