Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Asher To The Yatzar

A campaign launched to inspire Klal Yisroel the world over to give more meaning to this most powerful bracha that we express so many times a day. ‘Asher’ means praise, and ‘Yatzar’ refers to The Creator of the world- thus using the words of the bracha to help put the goal of the bracha in full perspective. The bracha is all about praise- and praise is done with heartfelt feeling. This is the hope and prayer of this amazing project; to stop and put feeling into the words that we say

The project was launched by Habochur Yosef Chaim Ben Devorah Leah Hecht, who utilized his difficult nisayon, to bring his nation to a new awareness. And it is being done in conjunction with Alexander Zusha Ben Aliza- of whom his family as well has took on this initiative of Asher Yatzar as a merit for his complete refuah.

Please join us in promoting this kiddush Hashem to the entire world- and may we thus merit to see Refuos yeshuos to all of Klal Yisroel speedily in our time.

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