Sunday, March 08, 2020

A Musical Journey with Avrumy Holtzler Feat - En3rgy

Avrumy with his sweet energetic voice is here once again delivering top quality Jewish music.

Avrumy has been a rising star in the Jewish music industry. Fans and friends have been anxiously awaiting more content every time a single or video of Avrumy has been released. Avrumy has finally decided to release a fresh spin on music at a recent job he had with En3rgy.

Produced by: Motti Gantz
Music arranged by: En3rgy
Live sound: Tzali Bree
Lighting by: Unique Lighting
Mixed by: V-Gold Beat Production
Video by: Motti Engel
Video editing by: Studio On Dot - Ari Levy
Video Thumbnail by: I & Me Media

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