Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Zanvil Weinberger and Motty Zilberberg - Mona - Hadran

Watch the legendary Mona Rosenblum, who originally composed and arranged Hadran, was flown in for the Grand Dirshu Siyum Hashas in Prudential Center in Newark NJ and revitalized the interpretation and performance of this piece. Now rearranged with a full-piece orchestra and a masterful, full-bodied choir giving this piece a modern touch.

The heartfelt melody followed by a joyous rhythm, Zanvil Weinberger and Child Soloist Motty Zilberberg Accompanied by Shira Choir and Malchus Choir and Hamenagnim and Freilach band, with some 50 musicians between them

Mona Rosenblum truly capture the spirit of Hadran

Zanvil Weinberger, Yisroel Adler -  בְּהִתְאַסֵּף רָאשֵׁי עָם

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