Sunday, February 09, 2020

Go Shiezoli Go Viral

For the last decade, there has been one name synonymous with successful videos and great content.

That name is SHIEZOLI. With OVER 110,000 subscribers, SHIEZOLI is the #1 Jewish Youtube channel out there.

Want to get the most out of your new music video or live event clip? Have a commercial for your business? Released a song at your simcha and want to share it with the world? Do you have a getaway program or cruise and want to get the word out?

Then SHIEZOLI is the place for you.

To date, SHIEZOLI boasts over 117,990,195 channel views and videos with anywhere from 1MILLION to 11.5 MILLION views!.

Not only is SHIEZOLI the most popular place to upload your videos, but they also have a LIVE streaming option for event of all kinds around the world. Imaging being able to potentially bring thousands of people to your LIVE event anywhere in the world!

So be smart and go SHIEZOLI for your videos. Go SHIEZOLI. GO VIRAL.

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