Monday, February 17, 2020

Asher Bara - Shea Berko, Shulem Brodt & Yedidim Choir

A magnificent performance at a wedding in Ateres Chaya, where Shea Berko, Avrumi Berko, Yedidim Choir and Shulem Brodt performed the familiar words to a new tune.

The song composed by Avrumi specifically for this occasion. At their brothers wedding, performing this song had additional meaning for Shea & Avrumi. Watch as they synch harmoniously creating this sensational piece.

Composed by: Avrumi Berko
Vocals: Shea Berko, Shulem Brodt
Choir: Yedidim Choir
Music: Avrumi Berko Production
Video produced: Studio 62
Sponsored by: Sunnlite

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