Monday, January 20, 2020

The Larry Gordon Show Ep.10 ft Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt

Larry Gordon sits down with Chief of Medicine at Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital, Rabbi Dr. Aaaron Glatt to discuss the vaccine epidemic + much more.


Alon Cook said...

Absolute nonsense. Dr Aaaron Glatt is quoting measles mortality rates form 3rd world countries which is known to be 60 times higher than the measles mortality rate in Western countries even before a vaccine for measles existed. Dr Aaaron Glatt knows good and well that he is lying about the real mortality rate..

You can read about the real mortality rate from measles on this blog: -- all the data is directly from CDC website.

Chaim said...

There are many Drs and scientists who say that there was many things out into the vaccines that should have never been there to begin with which caused injuries, the idea that u put a strain of a disease into a person and one builds immunity towards is true medical science, but some other ingredients were put in over the years which many DR.s and scientists below documentry say that it caused many injuries
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