Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Man Dances with Death Trying to Warn Oncoming Drivers

Footage of a desperate man trying to warn oncoming drivers about a multi-car pile up on the highway ahead has gone viral

Three people were reportedly seriously injured in the incident, including an 87-year-old woman.

The man at the center of the footage can be seen desperately trying to warn oncoming drivers to slow down, but his efforts are in vain as they are driving too fast to avert disaster, with many of them crashing into the ever-growing pile of damaged vehicles in the background.

The pile-up reportedly involved 21 cars in just 30 minutes before authorities could bring the situation under control.

The pile-up was caused by patches of notoriously dangerous black ice, which South Korean media refer to as “road mines,” at the intersection of the Dongyangpyeong Expressway and the Gwangju Wonju Expressway near the capital, Seoul.

Black ice is a thin coating of glaze ice which forms on the surface of roads and is practically invisible to drivers, which makes it particularly dangerous on highways where vehicles travel at higher speeds. To counteract the danger, drivers are typically advised to use snow chains or fit snow tires to their vehicles to provide more traction and thus avoid such dangerous pile ups.

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