Sunday, December 15, 2019

Lipa Brach Prod. - Menachem Moskowitz & Lev Choir

It’s time for something different! Enjoy this thrilling medley of some of the most well-known tunes in Jewish music starring veteran vocalist Mendachem Moskowitz alongside the great Lev Choir, featuring the debut of a young talented musician, Lipa Brach.

Just recently married, Lipa is the latest talent on the chassidish band/production scene and is already performing every night at wedding with some of the greatest artists.

The production, just like the medley features a perfect blend of freshness while keeping the timeless sound and “Yiddshe Taam” we all love Hit play and get ready to experience something different.

Song list:
Yesh Manhig - Fingerprint Album
Lev El Haneshama - Cheskie Weisz
Bo Yavo - Benny Friedman
Rekoid Rekoid - Yeedle
Aheim - Beri Weber
Acharon - Lipa Schmeltzer
Nigun - Belz

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