Thursday, December 12, 2019

Elephants Arrive and Help Themselves For Breakfast

Astonishing footage has captured the moment a family of elephants invaded a hotel breakfast buffet as terrified tourists watched on.

The clip, filmed in an open-air dining room in Zambia, shows an elephant investigating a table piled with cups of tea and coffee at the back of the room.

Another soon joins its companion under the thatched shelter, with a young calf running behind the pair.

One of the giant animals reaches across the group of frightened American tourists with its trunk to hoover up toast and jam from their plates.

It knocks over cups of coffee in the process, as the young elephant also approaches the table and searches the surface for food.

The three elephants then move around the table, and the tourists sit bolt upright and extremely still in apparent fear of drawing attention to themselves.

But the animals pay them little notice, instead focusing their efforts on the bread baskets sitting in front of them.

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cool masmid said...

Hotel breakfast buffet???
There was almost no food to be found