Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Please Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to the Pain of Little Children

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Rivers of tears were shed.  Sleepless nights spent awake agonizing over a deep tragedy.  Mrs. Yita Leah Steinmetz a’h, A respected woman who suffered endlessly, passed on to a better world on Tuesday, December 10 after 18 months of pain and suffering.

We are sure that after enduring a rare, painful form of cancer r’l, she arrived up there completely cleansed.  But what will be with the innocent children she left behind?? How can we face them?

For 18 months, these children were “living orphans.”  With a mother that was constantly being shuffled to & from the hospital, and a father that was working to pay the skyrocketing medical bills, while maintaining a vigil at his wife’s bedside, where were the children?  They roamed from house to house missing out on the stability of a settled existence; a critical factor to the development of a child.

Unfortunately, after 18 months of confusion, the children were dealt a final blow.  Their mother will not be returning home. 

“Mommy is no longer here.” 

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