Sunday, December 08, 2019

Coming Up: Interstate Expo 3.0 Wed, Dec 18, 2019

Building businesses, one handshake at a time.

Interstate Expo is an annual event produced by OJBA with the goal of creating growth opportunities for professionals in the construction, management & real estate industries based in New York City, Brooklyn, and the surrounding areas.

Each year, exhibitors and attendees take advantage of this powerful networking platform to meet with new contacts, greet existing clients and discover the latest industry trends as they browse an expansive show floor featuring over 300 booths.

Additionally, industry-specific educational seminars scheduled throughout the event provide attendees with valuable tips, tools, and insights into developing their business.
Our Stories

As a former general contractor, OJBA founder Mike Weber would often attend industry trade shows in the NY area. Over the years, he came to realize what an invaluable resource a trade show could be for a business, and what a tremendous impact it could have.

In 2012, he formally established OJBA. His first organized show, a regional event for Catskill builders and developers, featured just 30 booths. That was four years ago.

Today OJBA runs several annual events, including the Cidywide Expo, Interstate Expo, Catskills Expo, OJBA WE, a Lakewood Expo in the works, and with G-d’s help, more on the horizon.

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