Monday, November 25, 2019

Shmuzik Episode 4: The Life of a Jewish Musician

In this exciting episode of SHMUZIK we take a look at the life of a talented musician. Ever wonder what the wedding/concert life is like for these talented musicians day in and day out. Some of them have performed with world-renowned stars of the secular market, others have played with the Israeli philharmonic, some have even played on Broadway, others in bands for the Army.

This exciting, intimate show is hosted by radio personality and music superfan, Yossi Zweig. Each subscriber gets unlimited access to in-depth interviews with a beautiful mix of household names and newcomers, artists, producers, industry insiders, and other luminaries of the Jewish Music industry.

Flowmotion Studios, the Crown Heights studio that brought you Shmuze.Live, is proud to bring you the next episode in original kosher programming.

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