Monday, October 28, 2019

Sruli Schwartz A'H

I'm sure that you remember the terrible tragedy that befell our community this past May. HaBucher Yisroel Schwartz was unfortunately hit by a truck while he was biking on his way home from Yeshiva. Yisroel is remembered as a special Bachur who was beloved by all. His dedication to Torah, sincere Teffilohs and exceptional Middos Tovos left an indubitable impression on whoever met him.

Since he cannot continue his Avodas Hashem, it is up to us to ensure his legacy continues. Therefore, we have come up with a plan to dedicate the new Bais Hamedresh, Shivtai Yisroel, Bluzhev – Ribatitch in his name. Now, every word of prayer and Torah study made in the new Shul will be boost for Yisroel’s Neshamah.

It is most appropriate that Yisroel who was named after the previous Bluzhever Rebbe Zy”a have his memory forever interwoven with the new Bluzhever Shul. The new Shul will be a bastion of Torah and Tefilah and Yisroel’s Legacy will be able to live on eternally.

We launched a campaign Sunday – Tuesday Oct. 27-29 to raise the money so we can dedicate the new Shul in the name of Yisroel.

The Zechus of your donation should protect you and your family from any harm and bring you lots of Brucha and Hatzlucha.

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Anonymous said...

very nice and emotional song its a very pasigeh song knowing the family for so many years