Sunday, September 01, 2019

The Boro Park View - Your Weekly Read

Here at the Boro Park View, we've created a hybrid publication that breaks through historical stereotypes. No longer do readers have to choose between a publication that features engaging content and one that features just ads.

We've taken the best of both worlds and bundled it all up into one awesome package!

With our unique combination of gorgeous graphics, stimulating articles, and full-color advertisements of everything that's happening around town, no Boro Parker will ever feel left out of the loop.

Just like its sister magazine, The Monsey View -- which has more than 200 amazing issues to its name -- The Boro Park View is set to unify the community in a whole new way.

We're slowing down this super-speed world by engaging the mind and not just eyes. When readers see what we have to offer, they'll stop and look at what you have to offer, too!

Your business can be right here, a part of this powerful platform.
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Cafe Paris
Shmily Engelberg from EZ Auto leasing
And the talented PR Production team.

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