Monday, September 09, 2019

Revolutionizing the Matchmaking Process - Lezaveg
The Shidduch Crisis, is unfortunately, a known phenomenon in our community. Hundreds if not thousands of families await anxiously for that phone call, the one where a shadchan will finally redt the right shidduch. Their sons and daughters are getting older every day and there is seemingly no hope on the horizon. The suffering of these young adults and their families are hard to grasp, and can sometimes feel infinite.

Here enters the holy work of Lezaveg. The organization was founded with the blessing and guidance of the leading Rabanim with the lofty goal of finally ending the crises. Our office was established to help every suffering boy or girl find their bashert.

The way Lezaveg works is by being a conduit for every shidduch idea that occurs to any of the individual’s acquaintances. It is a common occurrence that a friend or associate thinks of a good match but lacks the drive or capability to see it through. Lezaveg incentivizes them to submit their idea, and if the shidduch works out, they receive 10% of the shadchunes. Lezaveg accepts hundreds of shidduch submissions a year, and with the help of Hashem tries to see it through to completion.

We know you empathize, but today we need you to do yours to help.

This Monday and Tuesday you will have the opportunity to alleviate some of the anguish of these hundreds of families by donating to the campaign. We have a goal of reaching $250,000, which will help broaden the effectiveness of Lezaveg as well as establish a foundation for the office to continue its worthwhile efforts.

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