Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Rabbi Chaim Gershon Davis - “Desire To Go Higher”

Rabbi Chaim Gershon Davis is the ninth grade Rebbi in Yeshivah Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway. Besides for being a stellar Rebbi, Reb Chaim is also a budding composer who has created many popular songs on popular albums including Es Ponecha for Simcha Leiner. As a Rebbi, he feels one of the greatest ways to connect to Talmidim is through the Shar haniginah, the gates of music, which connects directly to the neshamah.

This song “Desire To Go Higher” is the first Reb Chaim is recording himself. Joining him on the recording, are his Talmidim. “The reason I chose this song out of many others  is because I feel this message is so important to any Yid and bochurim in particular. If someone really desires to grow in Avodas Hashem nothing is impossible,” says Rabbi Davis. It is with this hope, days before Rosh Hashana, when we are ALL striving to go higher for the coming year that they are releasing this song to klal yisroel. May it be the ratzon of Hashem that all our tefilos in the coming year be answered and may will always desire to go higher. 

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