Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Passengers Rescued As Ferry Capsizes

This is the moment terrified passenger climbed to safety after a ferry capsized.

Four people were injured when the ship fell on its side while unloading passengers in Camotes Islands, the Philippines, on August 31 afternoon.

Footage shows how guests had to clamber off the vessel with a newborn baby wrapped in a pink blanket being handed to safety.

Onlooker Mari Otero, one of those who escaped unhurt, said: ''Thank God everybody is alive. It's a miracle that everybody is safe.''

Officials said 149 passengers and 18 ship crew were rescued while four people were rushed to hospital though they were not seriously hurt.

The vessel was already docked at a port in Camotes Islands when it tilted on its side and lost its balance. The sea condition.

Philippine Coast Guard's spokesman Lieutenant Junior Grade Michael John Encina said that the vessel's operator, Jomalia Shipping Corp., will be required to compensate the owners of the four vehicles that fell into the water.

He said: ''The coast guards office and the port staff are co-operating to find the cause of the incident.''

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