Sunday, September 22, 2019

Levy Falkowitz & Yedidim - Second Dance - AT Production

Pumping. Alive. Tight. Funky. Loads of energy. And of course groovy. These are just some of the terms that might come to mind as you watch our most recent clip. Taken from the second dance at the recent Green & Schreiber Wedding on June 24th (Ateres Chaya),

the video features the geshmake Levy Falkowitz, The Yedidim Choir,  and the 'reimagined' Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra, led by Eli Lax. The medley features MBD's new hit song 'Kedai' which was released in honor of Lag Ba'omer, as well as some other great hits.

Song List:
כדאי רבי שמעון - מב״ד
מלוך - יונגערליך
הזמן קצר - מידד טסה
הנני - בערי וועבער
אם אין אני לי מי לי - שלמה גערטנער

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