Saturday, September 07, 2019

Dudi Knopfler - ה׳ רופאך - Oficial Music Video

Song Produced and Mixed by Ephraim Berkowitz at Keybird Studios
Drums and percussion Barak Ben Tzur
Guitar Avi Singolda
Saxophone Avigdor Gluck
Bass /keys /programming Ephraim Berkowitz
Choir recorded in Israel By Israel Oerbach
Video by: MUDEO productions
Filmed and Edited by: Yissy Freeman

Song & Video sponsored by: Kalmen Yoel Sofer & Family
לע״נ their close friends מרדכי זאב ע"ה בן יצחק
יודא נ"י ברייער that passed away last year after struggling with cancer for years,
may this song give חיזוק & אמונה for all the sick people & there families!

Song composed by - Shloime Nechamya Rosenberg לע״נ his grandfather
אלכסנדר משה בן אשר לעמיל ע״ה

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