Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Kik of Furoes - Yossi Katz & Child Soloist Mendy Brull

Kik Oif Furoes, is a soul stirring composition that talks about how we human being to have questions on Hashem "Why Did You Leave Us", and how Hashem tells us "I'm here with you my child, and I feel your pain but don't worry and don't give up cause every milestone just gets you strength and courage to go further".

The song is composed by The Young Composer Yossi Katz, new rising star in the composition world, Yossi is very musical by playing several instruments.

Yossi now enters a journey of composing by doing his first song a duet with Wonder Child Mendy Brull, (Originally from the Shir V'Shevach Boys Choir).

Produced By: Yanky Ciment - Klezmer Studios
Composed By: Yossi Katz
Sung By: Yossi Katz & Mendy Brull
Hebrew Lyrics By: S. Friedman
Music Arranged By: Yanky Ciment
Choir By: Yanky Rottblat - Yedidim International
Arranged by: Chaim Meir Fligman - Shir V'Shevach
Mixed By: Chaim Mozes
Video Editing: Chaim Yossi Wertzberger
Choir - Yaakov Rothblatt, Motti Rothler, Sinai Barmetz

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