Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Help the Family | צעקת אלמנה ויתומים

"Where is Tatty? When is he coming home to us? " "We miss him so much!"

Our hearts tear apart with the sound of children saying these holy words!

יתגדל ויתקדש

A father, torn from his beautiful family.  Nine - yes - 9- yesomim, orphans
The brand new Almanah is in a daze. She cannot fathom what
tomorrow will bring? How will she put bread on the table every morning for
her children, with the entire burden on her tiny shoulders? How will she
pay tuition for the kinder to go to cheder and school?  How will she
be able to marry them off iyH, when the time comes.  And her worried
mind goes on and on, looking at a very bleak and frightening picture of the

She is overwhelmed with her new burden-- to be both the Mommy
and Tatty for her children. Hashem! How will I go on? Listening
to her children say Kaddish every day breaks her fragile
spirit. No! This is not the end of her husband's painful illness and
his passing on to a Better World. This is just the beginning of a new era
of her life. A life full of sole responsibility. A life of keeping
her family intact and bringing up her children in the path of their
father. A typical life of growing up with worry - free simcha that all
children are entitled to. But from now on, their life will be anything but

Now It is up to us to step in, dear brothers.
It is up to us to step in and ensure that this Almanah and her family will be cared for by
Klal Yisroel, and to make sure their life will be as normal as possible, and
they will have the financial security they so deserve. It is the least we
can do, as "brothers", to set up a fund that will ensure that
this family's future needs will be met up to and beyond their wedding needs.
The Almanah needs all her strength just to be there for her
children, and we must be at her side. Please help with your generous
contribution and be a part of this tremendous mitzvah. Hashem will surely
repay you with Kol Tuv v'Tov, and Kol Mishalos Lib'chem. Because if you
take care of Hashem's children, Hashem will always pay you back.


Tizku Lemitzvois.

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