Monday, July 29, 2019

Incredible Story: Boat That Found R’ Reuven Bauman Z”L

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We cried. We davened. We moved on. But Rabbi Bauman’s family still needs our help.

The tragic disappearance and passing of Rabbi Reuven Bauman zt”l gripped us all.

This young, vibrant and loving husband, father, rebbi and friend made the ultimate sacrifice. At the tender age of 35, Rabbi Bauman gave his life in order to save the lives of his talmidim.

From the moment we heard the news, we worried. We davened. Some traveled to Virginia to search. When our worst fears were confirmed R”l, we cried. We shook our heads. But our lives moved on.

Unfortunately, Rabbi Bauman’s wife and five young children are unable to do so. In the blink of an eye, they were left without the backbone of their family: The doting father who took responsibility for his family and showered his children with love. The selfless ben Torah who served as the ultimate role model for his children to aspire towards.

The void is gaping.

From what all of us gleaned from Rabbi Bauman’s final moments, we can somewhat understand how much he loved his own children…how he would do absolutely anything to help them live a happy and fulfilling life.

Hashem placed this tzaddik’s ultimate wish in our hands…

A special fund has been set up to help secure the financial future of Rabbi Bauman’s wife and children and provide them menuchas hanefesh as they work to rebuild their lives without Totty.

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