Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Elephant Really Wanted iPhone

"As we stood there, we were all admiring the beauty of this animal by taking photos and petting it as it was reaching out to us. I stood there smiling with joy, as elephants are one of my favorite animals, so I started to take some photos. I thought to myself, “Wow, no one is going to believe I was this close to a real live elephant” but boy did I get “close.”

"Next thing I knew, WHAM!! Right in the side stomach. I felt like 10 people had punched me at once as I was catapulted backwards and my phone flew forward to the ground. I abruptly crashed into one of the people that was on our trip and he stopped my fall, but the “abrupt” feeling of surprise was still there! Yes, I had the wind knocked out of me, no it didn’t hurt, yes I’m okay, and yes I still love elephants!

"It took me a couple of minutes to fully process the fact that I just got smacked by a real living elephant."

 Zambia, Africa. June 13, 2019

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