Thursday, July 25, 2019

Child Goes for 5 Minute Ride on Airport Conveyor Belt

Video footage released by the Atlanta airport showed the boy walk through an unattended ticket counter and stand directly in front of a moving conveyor belt. The boy, wearing an orange shirt, climbs on to the belt and momentarily gets stuck before a black and yellow bag pushes him through to the other side of the wall.

Moments after he comes through a woman in a backpack can be seen running to the counter and a Spirit Airline employee stops the belt from moving.

After he disappears from the ticket counter, other cameras caught the boy's journey through the restricted areas of the airport. He seemingly tried to crawl back on the belt to the counter but was unable to climb over a purple hardshell suitcase before being pushed through a baggage drop.

Eventually the boy reached a Transportation Security Administration baggage area where TSA immediately noticed him come through on the belt and a man picks him up off the belt and to safety.

Emergency medical services treated the boy for a "severely swollen and bruised" right hand before he was transported to a hospital, according to the Atlanta police report.

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