Tuesday, June 25, 2019

“On the Shoulders of Giants” Torah Umesorah 75 Years

“On the Shoulders of Giants” Torah Umesorah 75 years - Featuring Baruch Levine

For 75 years, Torah Umesorah has been ensuring that all children can aspire to the level of our Gadolim, who guide Torah chinuch from generation to generation.

These great leaders, who carry the weight of our world on their shoulders, never hesitate to make the chinuch of even the youngest of our tiknokos shel beis raban a top priority.

They inspire our Rabbeim and Teachers to do likewise, lovingly bringing Torah to life -  with uncompromising Mesorah.

Our Gedolei Yisrael and our Roshei Yeshivos guide Torah Umesorah's mechanchim and their talmidim. They understand that our children hold the key. Not yet ready to fly on their own, these precious young children are carried On The Shoulders of Giants.

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