Thursday, June 06, 2019

Chicago Mishmar Program - Tamu Irue - Music Video

From September to June, there is a Thursday night mishmar in Chicago for bochurim, run by Rabbi Yosef Cohen.  

Between 100-150 boys from all the local yeshivos and high schools join together from 10PM until midnight to learn.  During off shabbosim, bochurim join from yeshivos all over. They all turn in their cell phones for uninterrupted chavrusah shaffs, and the kol Torah is unparalleled. 

One of the highlights is the divrei chizuk given at the end of the limud by various local Rabbanim and visiting Rabbanim. Some of the esteemed guests have been, Rabbi Yaakov Bender, Rabbi Reuven Feinstein, Rabbi Shlomo Kanievsky, Rabbi Yitzchok Koledetsky, and more.

After their ruchnius fill, the bochurim enjoy each other’s company with drummettes and “Reb C’s” famous cholent. The geshmak keeps them going until the next Thursday night mishmar!

Enjoy a small glimpse into this amazing מעמד, with the song “טעמו וראו”, written specifically for this mishmar. 

The song is composed by Yisrael Chaim Schur; lyrics by Yitzchak Elchanan Stein; sung by Uzi Bodner.

Video is produced and edited by Avi Berkman.

To sponsor the Thursday night Mishmar program or to start one in your community, please contact Yosef Cohen at 7739818515 or 

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