Sunday, June 30, 2019

Birchas HaChodesh, Cantor Yecheskel Brecher, Yedidim

Birchas HaChodesh - ברכת החודש
Composed by: Yossele Rosenblatt
לחן: יוסלה רוזנבלט

The legendary Rosh Chodesh Benching, by Yossele Rosenblatt, Composed during the years of the great depression, & known for it's emphasis on praying for Parnassah, among many other great things, sung by Chazzan Brecher at a recent event, accompanied by the Yedidim Choir & A. Berko productions.

Music arranged by: Avrumi Berko
Yedidim Choir: Arranged by Yoel Hersh Fuchs
Post production Mix by: Avrumi Berko
Choir Mix & master by: Gershy Schwarcz - Edgware Studios
Filmed by: Motty Engel - Engel Studios
Edited at: Studio62

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